Sunday, May 13, 2007


Just a reminder that all photographs seen on this blog are available for purchase. For more information, go here or contact 66 Productions.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Desert - Near Death Valley

This was taken near Death Valley on the west side of the park, on our way in to the park from US-395.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Essex, CA

I am a huge fan of the desert and its weather and environs, and find it to be absolutely beautiful. I took this shot in 2001 during the Harley Owners Group tour of Route 66. I had been following their tour since Chicago and was supposed to meet one of the owners near here to hitch a ride through a portion of the desert with video camera to my eye. It was a great ride, I might add, through a beautiful stretch of desert and on up to Cadiz Summit from this spot at Essex.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Route 66 Western Terminus - Downtown Los Angeles

Initially, Route 66 ended in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at the intersection - seen here - of 7th and Broadway, in the heart of the Theater District. In 1936 the highway was extended to Santa Monica, reaching Lincoln and Olympic. Effective in 1964, the highway was then truncated to have a western terminus in the heart of what is now "Old Pasadena" at Colorado and Arroyo Parkway. And in 1975 the road was again shortened, this time at the California border.
Today, Los Angeles' Theater District is in the beginning stages of a revitilization, in part due to the Los Angeles' Conservancy's efforts, and their annual program entitled "Last Remaining Seats." Additionally, the Conservancy offers walking tours of this area.

Like anywhere else along Route 66, this area is worth the time and effort to see, and is quite safe, especially for the experienced traveler who already has their eye on what is happening around them. (Dispelling a myth here, there is PLENTY to see and do along Route 66 in Los Angeles County, and all areas that the highway traversed in LA County are quite worth visiting.)