Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Anniversary, a Few Days Late (Victorville, CA)

Those of you who have followed my adventures recently via my website's "appearances" page will know I have been quite busy. I've had a presentation in Glendale, book signings in West Hollywood, Duarte, and Monrovia, and a bus tour from the Wigwams to Sycamore Grove Park.

Why so busy lately? Well, Saturday myself and several hundred other people celebrated the 11th Anniversary of the California Route 66 Museum and the 80th Anniversary of Route 66 (and the US Highway System). The musuem did the celebration in style with a 50/50 raffle (take home was over $400!), lunch by Juan Pollo, and a big car show. Chick Kirk and Betty Halbe ran the show and made everyone feel welcome. And a special presentation was made by Jerry Holmes to David and Mary Lou Knudson of the National Historic Route 66 Federation for all of their continued hard work over the last 12 or so years.

Friends in attendance that day included the aforementioned, as well as Helen and Harry Baker (Route 66 Preservation Foundation), Kevin Hansel and Lucie McMurtie (California Historic Route 66 Association), Russ Olsen, and fellow "egroupers" Barbara Cummings (Sacramento), Mike and Sharon Ward (Mesa, AZ), and David Willman (Aurora, CO).

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back East, and Back to Government BY the People, FOR the People

In light of yesterday's elections, I thought it would be fitting today to remind everyone what our government is supposed to be about. Those of you who remember your history classes in elementary, middle, and high schools will recall some things about our founding fathers and early American history.

You will recall the Declaration of Independence, and its unalienable rights. You will recall the Constitution, and its powers provided to each of the three branches of government: executive, legistlative, and judicial. And you will recall the Bill of Rights, and what rights were granted to the citizens. You might even recall some of the Constitutional Amendments that were passed.

But in this day and age, it seems to me like governmment has become too much of a BUSINESS, complete with lobbyists getting paid way more than I make to tell government officials what special interests - a smaller portion of society - think should be done. I personally feel that it would be wonderful if government would return to its early days, like at Old North Church and Fanueil Hall, when there seemed to have been a greater responsibility to ALL the people, not just those with the money to have the politicians' ears.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

From the Capitol to City Hall (Beverly Hills, CA)

So I'm moving backward a bit. No one has ever accused me of always moving forward. (OK, maybe a couple people have, but that was too far back in time.) From the Capitol building in Williamsburg, I've returned now to Los Angeles County, and the Beverly Hills City Hall. This building is on Santa Monica Boulevard, right alongside the most famous highway in the world, Route 66.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Capitol Building (Williamsburg, VA)

More on Colonial Williamsburg today. My brother and I both woke up early one morning specifically to take photographs at morning light. This is one of the results on my end.

(By the way, anyone reading yesterday, there was a link embedded in the title of yesterday's post as well, in case you missed it.)