Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aztec Hotel

The Aztec Hotel is perhaps the crown jewel of Route 66 in Los Angeles County. It is definitely one of the two most-photographed Route 66 structures in LA County and may be the best known. It is also amongst the best known hotels along the entirety of the Mother Road, from Chicago to Santa Monica.

Over the last several years it has undergone some major renovations and restorations. This includes repainting the exterior. Looking at the Aztec today from the outside, its shell would be the same as these two photographs (taken in 2001), but the colors would be vastly different.

Congratulations to Kathie Reece-McNeill, owner of the Aztec, and all of her staff for such a wonderful job of restoration, which is still in process. I encourage everyone traveling the Mother Road to continue their trek into LA County and stop in to see Kathie at the Aztec!


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